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Paul Elliot is a Newcastle guitarist and vocalist...

Paul began his music career in numerous bands in Newcastle, including: Just For Laughs with Paula Best, Ian Walker, Tony Morehead and Ian Crawford. Replacements included: Mark Webster, Naomi Jeffries, Peter Young, Tony Morehead, Grant Mead, Chris Glenfield and Brad Elliot. He played guitar and was a vocalist in Kicks a INXS cover band with: Frank Soto, Jai Proud, Brad Cavanagh, Phil Barnard, Chris Lee, Craig Rosevear and Mick Boyle.

Paul Elliot joined Special Branch formed with David Carter, Craig Lancaster and Mick Stove. With a repertoire of songs from Queen, Fab, The Police and their original music, Special Branch created a popular following. Before the final end of Special Branch they renamed the band The Crush, replaced the drummer with Ron Bult and played for a year including a weekly residency at Sydney’s infamous Springfield’s nightclub.

Paul Elliot played guitar in the 1990's, with the bands: No More Crime with Bobby Sox Matthews and Chris Lowe. Dave Carter and Friends with Chris Lowe, Bob Corbett and Dave Carter. Dead Legends with Ismet Osmanovic, Craig T Foster, Paul Elliot: guitar and vocals, Barry 'Buzzsaw' Adams and Bruce Gain.

Throughout the nineties Paul played guitar in Yiante. Members of Yiante included: Ian Sandercoe, Craig Lancaster, Tony Heaney, Robert Matthews, Ngariki, Chris Lowe, Josh Callaway and David Carter. The music made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. Paul Elliot played guitar for Ian Sandercoe's Pub Band in Dein Perry's film Bootmen and left following the films recording.

24 Strings with Dave Carter, Bob Corbett and Ngariki. He performs in Gas with Dave Carter and Craig Lancaster, Mother Popcorn with Bob Corbett, Dave Carter, Chris Lowe and Guy DeVille and Loonatic Fringe with Dave Carter.

Paul is a session musician including working with Newcastle musician Justin 'Ngariki' Bolth on the track Fall doing electric guitar and backing vocals.

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